Admision – Admission/Application Essay Example

Your full full September 23, Answer I am glad to know that the of Washington values a creative environment that provides the students with the opportunities to reveal their hidden talent. I have heard that the university provides a creative environment to the students where they can grow and develop intellectually, culturally, personally, and socially. I too posses some special skills and interests that I want to refine, and that can be possible if I get an opportunity to exhibit my talent in the creative environment provided by this university. My skills and interests include participating in quiz competitions, taking part in culture-oriented stage shows, and performing martial arts.
I have keen interest in participating in quiz competitions because of my general knowledge skills. I have participated in many competitions held at my school and college and won many of them. Along with general knowledge skills, I also have interest in performing in culture-oriented stage shows, as I possess good acting skills. I have performed in a couple of stage shows in California, and recently, I won the best performer award in a stage show held at my college.
Being a Martial Arts performer, I can also teach martial arts such as karate and Kung Fu to the students. I learned martial arts skills at a very young age, and at present, I possess a brown belt. If I get an opportunity to study at this university, it will not only help me refine my talent but also it will provide a great opportunity for other students to learn martial arts skills.
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