An Essay About A Person Not Related To You Whom You Have Known Personally And Tell Us How And Why He – Admission/Application Essay Example

Essay One person who left wonderful influence upon me for many years to come was the judge at Korea Music Association. After God, he was the one who changed my life.
Years back, I participated in a music competition at KMA where my father was the director. Participants played well especially an 8th grader. Everybody applauded for him so much so that I thought I had no chance. Then, it came my turn. I was a 6th grader then. I started performing and, to my surprise, the judges looked very much glad. They were very delighted with my performance and clapped heartily. I was surrounded with such cheers and applauses. I had performed better than the 8th grader! I was talking to my father when the judge saw us. He came to us to know the matter and was happy to know that I was the director’s daughter. He praised me and advised my father to let me study abroad. That was the direction in which we had never thought before. My parents made all efforts to get my admission in Germany where my grandparents live. Unfortunately, my grandmother died and I had to stay back at Korea because we could not also afford to place me in Germany. Then God shed his blessings once again. My great uncle came to Korea on his son’s wedding and came to know about the matter. He offered me to come to Germany with him and stay with his family. My happiness had no bounds. My parents contacted the Shaker Road School where Doug gave me admission in the 7th grade. I gave an audition in the New England Conservatory where I got half scholarship. I also studied in United States where I got acquainted with new styles of learning which Korea is indifferent to.
Thus, that judge at KMA changed the direction of my life by praising me and advising me to go study abroad. Without his encouragement and idea, I would still have been living in Korea. I thank him and all the persons who were involved in my stepping ahead for going abroad.