Answer 3 Questions – Admission/Application Essay Example

Answer 3 questions In the 20th century, issues on racism dominated the American civil society/ political scenario. But now, racism is no longer a serious issue in American society. For instance, Joel Kotkin makes clear that racism is no more an issue but division based on class is a serious threat to the development of American society (Kotkin n.pag.). Besides, class difference is a major dividing line which hinders upward mobility of the poor and the middle class. I think this difference is a big issue in American society. For instance, in the last century, there existed high possibility for the colored people for upward mobility. Moreover, poverty rate among the African American community shows gradual decrease. This proves that 21st century shows rapid improvement in racial equality. On the other side, inequality based on class is showing rapid increase. For instance, the division between underprivileged and privileged, upper class and middle class is widening. So, this gap/ division or class differences is emerging as a big issue of this century.
Earlier, education and hard work guaranteed upward mobility for the poor and middle class youngsters. But now, situation is changing rapidly and degree from an institution is incapable to guarantee job and upward mobility. For instance, there exists less scope for educated youngsters because quality of education is considered as most important. On the other side, recession is adding fuel to the problem of unemployment and economic disparity. The rapid developments that can be seen in higher education scenario reduce the scope of high salary. Other problems like postponing retirements and competition from developing nations reduce the scope of well paid jobs. So, one can see that the idea of getting ahead with the help of mere education and hard work is less significant/ true.
On the surface, young people in the United States seems to be pessimistic about their chances to get ahead in the years to come. For instance, they consider that education and hard work will not be helpful to grab the opportunity. This is not a pessimistic view because the educated younger generation is realizing the present situation as critical. This realization will be helpful to acquire skills and quality education for growth and development in near future. If they do not try to consider the impending threats, they will not be able to cope up with changes in future. So, one can see that the present attitude of the younger people is not pessimistic but realization of present condition originated from economic crisis and its aftereffects. So, in my opinion, the young people in the United States are optimistic about their chances in getting ahead in the years to come.
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