Application To Medical School – Admission/Application Essay Example

Even in today’s modern world, there are places in this world where everybody is not fortunate enough to achieve the best education. I also come from one such remote area of the world, Ixopo, where I had to pursue my education in an underprivileged school which did not charge any fees. Due to the lack of funds in my school, the resources were limited and we did not receive tutoring to a very high standard and we also did not have access to other facilities which included laboratories. These deficiencies became a reason for my mediocre marks as we were taught according to the resources that were available in our school which were in no way compatible with the teaching standards in the cities.
Despite of these conditions, I always dreamed to continue my education in the field of medicine. Even though we had limited facilities, still in my holidays I struggled and worked in medical practices as well as pharmacies. This was because I believed that it was essential to gain knowledge in the field that I wanted to continue my studies in. I have put in all my strength and devotion so that I can achieve my goal of studying medicine.
Considering my problems and my dedication towards my career, I would like to to make an urgent plea to the dean to consider my application and provide me with an opportunity to study medicine. I have the potential to go ahead and I guarantee you that I will put in all my strength and knowledge during my studies and even after that. I also assure you that I will study and work with all my capabilities and uphold the name of your institution.