Energy Management – Admission/Application Essay Example

 Energy management
Energy management refers to all the measures put in place to achieve the objective of utilizing the least possible energy while maintaining normal levels of human actions (in workplaces or residential) I.e. to make an efficient use of the energy with the actions focusing on ;Energy recovery, Energy substitution and Energy conservation. (Diederen, 2010)
Cradle to cradle philosophy is also based on Eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness, a multidisciplinary approach to energy utilization, energy recovery, energy substitution and conservation of energy. It is important as it helps to limit emission of the CO2 to the atmosphere, hazardous gas responsible for the increasing global warming. Apart from reducing the greenhouse effect, energy management is economical by making a more efficient use of the installations and equipment which are eco-friendly. By using energy in a cost effective manner e.g. avoiding overheated working places or residential, there will be enhanced employee morale and positive attitude towards work that ultimately increases production in a conducive work environment. Proper energy management brings on board all the other energy sources and with such variety to choose from it enables conservation, good energy use, substitution of less hazardous forms. (Diederen, 2010)
Energy Management in its entirety looks at people, building aspects, energy type use, load control, installed equipment and external factors influencing energy management.
Usually, there are habits on the use of energy by people that they have to improve on and by changing these habits the use of energy will be more effective and efficient. The energy manager is the decision maker with the support of the CEO of the organization since policy formulation lies in their hands. On the contrary, any other person who uses the premise can do something to improve the energy consumption. One of the most important roles of Energy Management is to create awareness amongst persons with the objective of changing their habits in relation to energy utilization. (Diederen, 2010)
Building aspect
Energy necessities can be influenced by some aspects of building. If it is an already established building, we should use as much as possible the natural source which is the sun and less artificial light since the sun is free. On the same note, we can limit air conditioning especially in summer if we protect ourselves by using dark curtains or venetian blinds. Energy control systems such as thermostats, switches should be quickly accessible to the users of energy. With a proper and efficient energy distribution networks we can reduce the energy consumption. (Diederen, 2010)
Energy used
Different types of energy can realize some energy demand. Heating can be got from electricity, solid fuels, gas or the sun. To save energy, changing the energy type being used should be prioritized. On the same note, several factors have to be given consideration. The energy cost has to be in cooperated to the equipment costs for example equipment of energy heating costs less compared to solar panels but the sun is free. (Diederen, 2010)
Load control
Controlling the rate of the electric loads can minimize electricity cost with the consumption remaining constant. We can also limit use of electricity during the consumption in high tariff rates.
Installed equipment
The most significant energy solicitors of the building is the installed equipment and depending on their performance, there will be a different level of demand on energy.
External factors
Some externalities such as conditions of the climate influence energy utilization and therefore Energy Management. For example, when the external temperatures in winter are high, the demand for heating lowers down.

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