Iphone – Admission/Application Essay Example

Iphone Iphone, the innovative gadget launched by Apple Inc., is not mere a mobile phone but it represent the technological development and the scope of a mobile phone cum computer in the modern world. But one must not be confused that the original Iphone is available in the market. As Iphone is a series of smart phones, technological innovation forced the older version of Iphone to be out of market and new generation I phones like Iphone 3G, I pad, I phone 3GS, etc rule the global market. The original Iphone was released in 2007, the Iphone 3G in 2008 and other versions in the following years.
The touch screen facility is one of the most significant features that can be seen in Iphone. Besides, it does have the basic features of a mobile/cellular phone and its innovative feature beyond the same is an added advantage to the customers who love technological innovation and development. The multimedia facilities provided by the Iphone 3G, I pad, I phone 3GS is really innovative because it helps one to be connected to the internet. Now, internet accessibility helps an individual to discard the older notions of time and distance. Breen makes clear that the innovative facility of internet tethering that can be seen in the new versions of Iphone is helpful to connect the computer to the internet and the I phone acts the role of a wireless modem ( 2009, p. 52). The innovative 3G service provided by the Apple Inc. helps an individual to be the part of the ongoing technological revolution.
From another angle of view, the features that can be seen in a laptop or a personal computer are available in Iphone. Besides, the video recording, editing and sharing with the help of Iphone revolutionized the video sharing facilities.
So, one can see that Iphone is not mere a mobile phone but a tech-savvy gadget with internet accessibility, stunning performance and it acts the role of a status symbol among the youngsters.
Breen, Christopher., 2009. The Iphone Pocket Guide. 4th ed. The United States of America: Peachpit Press.