Letter To Financial Aid (Change Of Circumstance) – Admission/Application Essay Example

A change of circumstances has occurred in regards of to my finances. I have been divorced since 2002. The father of my children has no contact with our children. eI have a child support order, but he rarely follows this order. Despite the fact the father of my children has been arrested for non-payment, an excess of $26,000 in back child support are owed. This lack of support has been a financial burden.
My daughters are old enough for college. The oldest is in her fourth year of college. It has been a hardship to finance her college education, but I have managed. However, since my youngest daughter is going to be a freshman this year, the financial burden has become overwhelming. While I am determined to help put them through college, without their father’s help it is hard.
My marital status changed in 2006. I remarried a wonderful man. He has run his own business since 2004. Due to the down turn in the economy, my husband’s business has been impacted. His business has only had one job in 2010. Most individuals are eligible for unemployment, but my husband does not qualify due to him being self employed. This circumstance has impacted the household budget. Although my husband’s business is important to him, he has been actively seeking employment. The economy has been so slow that no prospects have panned out.
My daughters and husband get along quite well. However it is unfair to expect him to pay for their education or other expenses. The responsibility of my daughter ultimately falls on me and their biological father. I am trying my best to fulfill my ex’s obligation solely. These are the changes of circumstances in my financial picture.