Organizational Policy And Strategy – Admission/Application Essay Example

Recommendations Due to the latest competition from other companies like Dupont and Sygenta and upcoming China, I would recommend to Monsanto to advance more in technology. This will enable the organization to have more produce of better quality and thus attracting more customers. This will be strengthened by the presence of technical expertise and customized agricultural offerings in the market. Secondly, due to the fact that Monsanto has brands that are recognized, I would recommend introduction of more new product brands in the market. This will be a good strategy to expand their market and due to the fact that the company is well known and financially stable; it will be easier for them to market and advertise their new product easily hence attracting many customers. The company faces bad PR when it comes to multiple fronts, I would therefore recommend that they hire a P.R firm to do the PR and marketing for the organization (Brookes & Barfoot 2009). Marketing should include adverting, internet marketing, public relations, channel marketing and promotions. Moreover, Monsanto should improve and invest more on globalization. This will enhance them to work in low cost areas and hence selling their products at low prices too thus increasing their market of other goods and services. Finally, Monsanto can offer after sale services for example transport solutions and incentives to regular customers. This will help to boost their market and attract more customers. Incentives are also used to retain the company’s customers. By doing this Monsanto strategies and policies will work effectively hence increase in production level and as a result more profits (Brookes & Barfoot 2009).
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