The First (approximately One Page In Length) Should Describe Why You Have Chosen To Apply To UMass – Admission/Application Essay Example

Topic:  The first (approximately one page in length) should describe why you have chosen to apply to UMass Boston. Why is our Program a good fit for your goals?
To excel in this world one has to have unlimited knowledge about the subject he is trying to study. I have done my majors in Information Management and have realized that I have to pursue my career in this field only. As Information Management was my majors in my University I developed a great interest in the subject and thoroughly researched on it. Knowing more about it developed a keen interest of excelling in the subject and I decided to apply in the prestigious UMass Boston.
I am applying in UMass Boston to clearly excel in my field and know more about the subject. UMass Boston is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and the program that it is offering suits my choice. The course works that UMass Boston has included for the degree I pursue are just perfect to learn more about my subject. Provided with the opportunities in UMass Boston I can learn a lot about my subject and can even use the knowledge here that I previously learned. The renowned faculty of UMass Boston can help me go through any hurdles that I might face while trying to study my majors. The program that the university has for me includes six core courses, three electives and a capstone course which if studied perfectly can help me to gain a great insight into this very field. The resources that are provided in UMass Boston are in line with the requirements of the field of information technology and this is the very reason that I am choosing UMass Boston for my further studies. I have realized that UMass Boston can not only provide me the necessary skills to learn but can also provide me with the necessities which can help me to excel in my field. I belong to Taiwan and the image that UMass Boston has here is mesmerizing.
If I follow all the rules laid by UMass Boston and follow the course guidelines I think I can excel in my field of information technology. Furthermore if I am provided with the right opportunity I can bring a good name to the university and can learn each and every aspect of my field.