Why Choosing To Be A Pharmacist And Why Choosing School – Admission/Application Essay Example

Personal ment Every field requires an expert in it, and something as important as a drug or a medicine, which is affecting the whole body calls for an expert i.e. a pharmacist. It is the importance of this field that impressed me at first. Pharmacists have a highly significant and rewarding role in the health care system. They do not only educate the consumer about the use of the drug, but also check out the history for the further treatment of the patient which also decreases the risk of mistreatment. The increased reliance on the pharmacist makes it a challenging and interesting job for me.
The common misinterpretation about pharmacists is their equivalent status as a dispenser which is not true. There is a wide variety and other opportunities to it like working in clinics, retail, industry which leads to challenging and exciting jobs. The reason I am choosing to become a Pharmacist is to help people. A pharmacist works around the clock to answer any question and to overcome any complications regarding the use of medication. Moreover, prescriptions are filled under the supervision of a pharmacist which is a very responsible job. A pharmacist has to make every possible effort to guide the patient about the prescription. In the recent era where demands of health care advisors and pharmacists have been increased, pharmacists enjoy a stable job status.
The reason I am choosing the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy is that it is the oldest and highly reputable institution in the city. Due to the structure of the building which is confined I feel more confident and secure about joining it. The geographical location is also suitable for me as it is near to my home town and reaching at holidays and at emergencies would not be a painful and tedious job. I would be able to stay in touch with my family more often with the ease of transport and short distance. I would enter the pharmacy program eager to learn so I could help others. I am the kind of person who really enjoys studying and is never tired to gasp at learning new things that stimulate wonder and admiration. Attending Massachusetts College of Pharmacy would be one of the greatest rewards for my motivation and persistence for success.