Steve Jobs – Annotated Bibliography Example

Steve Jobs Innovative ideas and aggressive leadership tactics can sometimes make individuals successful entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs, one of the most admired business tycoons of the United States and the Co-founder and CEO of Apple can be the best example to illustrate this assertion. This research intends to explore how Steve’s personal qualities and vision turned to be the key success factors of his entrepreneurship.
Apple iPod is the best example for his innovative ideas that surpassed the highest expectations of Apple’s competitors. His reasonable contribution to the field of music, movies, and technologies also remains to be the evidence of his competency and potential. Despite his aggressive and demanding nature as an employer, what makes him the icon of modern business management is his win-win approach based on collaborative information sharing.
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It is a personally relevant book that integrates leadership skills with scholarly reviewed findings and organizational case studies. It would help one to incorporate leadership theories into real-life entrepreneurial issues. It also specifically describes the achievements of Steve Jobs and his positive outlook to business world (p.52).
2. Maxwell, J.C. (2007). The 21st Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Workbook. Ed 10, Thomas Nelson Inc.
Maxwell renders an excellent work on leadership with full-fledged back up of career experience. It introduces numerous examples of success, failure, and leadership crisis that eminent business magnates like Steve Jobs have confronted with (p.81).
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It is another notable work from McGraw-Hill which helps readers to form a new outlook toward the changing national and international business environment and latest developments. The Author has taken Steve Jobs as a number one model of innovative business man who could surpass all internal and external challenges only with his competency (pp. 365-366).
4. all about Steve viewed 18 May 2010
The website gives instant access to overall information about how Steve Jobs became the icon of business men of the era.