American History – Article Example

American History Task: Watergate crisis Watergate crisis was a politically linked scandal that unveiled in the 1970s, in the United States of America. Michael A. Genovese, in his book, groups the Watergate scandal as the most serious of all politically linked crises ever witnessed in America and directly connected to the president. The Watergate crisis extends its origins to as far as during the war in Vietnam when President Nixon came to power. The scandal came to people’s knowledge when five men, who had broken into the Democratic National Committee headquarters, which had its location at the Watergate complex, were arrested (Genovese, 1999). While carrying out their investigations, the FBI determined that the thugs received money to bug the offices in that building. The illegal activity of wire tapping communications at the Watergate complex got its funding and orders from Gordon Liddy, who was the general counsel to the Committee for the Re-Election of the President (Genovese, 1999).
Shockingly President Nixon, who was the president by the time the scandal was unraveling, was a key player in the crisis. Nixon’s attempt to cover up the scandal was one serious mistake that led to his resignation. The scandal had fatal consequences towards prominent administrations in the government. Starting with President Nixon who resigned after the court determined his involvement in the scandal fortunately, his successor, President Ford pardoned him. However, the thugs arrested at the Watergate complex and various prominent administrators from the government who the court linked to the scandal all received sentences to jail (Crockett 1982).
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