Analyzing An Article – Article Example

Analyzing an Article This essay is an analysis of the article “Pay-Per-Click - Meet Search Engine Optimization” by Michael Fleischner. The author of the article gave pointers on how to increase the conversion rate for companies who want to increase their revenue from internet marketing. For Fleischner, the most important thing is to determine the keyword that will generate traffic and result in higher sales with a lower cost ( par.5).
The essay is informative and is useful to companies who wish to optimize their conversion rate. The idea being espoused by Fleischner was presented clearly. The author emphasized that to get the most out of internet advertising, the pay-per-click advertising must be combined with the search engine optimization. One agrees with the points presented by the author. It is essential that the landing pages be persuasive enough to trigger a click and eventually result in a conversion (Smith , par.3).
With globalization and the rise of online businesses in the marketing environment today, companies need to be aware of the ways on how to optimize their conversion rates. Business is becoming more competitive every day. The importance of search engine marketing and search engine optimization cannot be undermined. The author is justified when he mentioned that the highest converting landing pages should be part of a company’s website (Fleischner , par.7). It is imperative that the website will move the readers to buy the company’s product because in the internet, it is so easy for a firm’s potential customers to go to its competitors. Although search engine optimization brings in traffic, what is essential is that the traffic be converted to sales for the firm (Smith , par.1). Identifying the keywords that were effective in the pay-per-click advertising is a relevant factor in the eventual increase in conversion.

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