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Dynamics of Change in Public Organization New study by Cisco reveals critical success factors and best practices that public sector organizations need to consider in order to develop the potential of the Internet of Everything (IoE). Cisco is expected to reveal over 40 Public Sector Jurisdiction Profiles enlisting the details of the findings of its research. A growing trend among the public sector organizations is to try to gain a lot of value from the IoE as has been shown in the latest research findings released by Cisco. Recently, Cisco has shared its top 10 insights in order to reflect the way public sector organizations are successfully getting the IoE value as well as to show what the best practices to drive the initiatives of the IoE are. Cisco, along with a leading data driven research and strategy consulting firm, Cicero Group has carried out research on the capabilities of the IoE across more than 40 main jurisdictions of the public sector within as well as outside the US on a global scale. In near future, some of the main real world examples of the IoE use cases in the public sector will be shared in a range of in depth profiles. The top 10 insights include, public sector organizations being the leading innovator in the world, cities employing complex IoE strategies, expansion of the art of the possible with a robust network foundation, development of support and expertise through scalable pilot projects, magnification of the IoE impact through data analytics, mobility of the cities, expansion of the IoE solutions to people and processes, transparency of the IoE, distortion of organizational Silos, and change execution by senior leadership.
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