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Macro & Micro Economics Article Mason’s “What is the sports product and who buys it? The marketing of professional sports leagues”
In the contemporary world, professional sports have surfaced as a profitable and productive venture, a fact that has provided marketers with opportunities to thrive. According to the author of the study, Mason S. Daniel (1999), sporting industry has experienced a tremendous growth that has seen the development of organizations to control the business activities of leagues, teams and their members. This paper attempts to answer the question ‘what is the sports product and who buys it?’ This forms the objective of the paper where it attempts to show the nature of the products generated by professional sports unions, the customers or clients who purchase these products and how the unions market these products to the customers. In addition, this paper attempts to show the unique nature of the professional team sport products.
This study employs theoretical method of data collection. The data used in the study was obtained from other peer reviewed journals and articles. The journals used in the study provided information that showed the unique nature of the sport products, how the sports unions market these products through the communities, fans, and media and through corporate sponsorships.
After analysis of the data obtained, the results revealed that there are four different consumer groups that purchase these products. These groups include the fans, television and other media, corporations and communities that work together with the leagues and the teams. This paper also identifies that the consumers purchase the products for different reasons. This has made the marketing of such products very diverse and lucrative venture that calls for decision making at numerous levels and markets.
However, this paper fails to elucidate on the conflict between sport, media and sponsor and the conflicting riches called upon teams within the same confederation by the comparative consideration of the media and sponsors. In addition, the paper only concentrates on American professional sports teams and confederations.
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