Article Review 6 – Article Example

Article Review of The People Structure of Quality Improvement Article Review of The People Structure of Quality Improvement Executive leader role Chief Medical Officer plays a major role in developing and improving care for patients receiving cardiac services in Spectrum health, Grand Hapids. The officer also plays a significant role in ensuring that the teams have appropriate resources to facilitate their work. Also, the officer has the mandate to remove any barriers that might hinder the progress of the team. Therefore, the Chief Medical Officer must have certain character traits and behaviors that match with the obligations delegated to the position in the health facility.
Chief Medical Officer should have a resounding drumbeat and intelligence for establishing safe organizations that have a reliable patient care. Given that the cardiology medical field involves competent and knowledgeable individuals, it is essential for the chief medical director to be responsible for upholding consensus in physicians on evidence based guidelines.
Also, CMO should be competent and skillful in cardiovascular facts and basic operations. This trait assists in developing and implementing a comprehensive development plan for the strategic medical staff that work in the organization. In addition, being competent enough assist the director in setting quality objectives and gaining evidence based protocols in the facility.
It is also essential for the chief director to have self-esteem in meeting the goals of the facility. The worthiness that the director has to the institution garners respect from colleagues towards excellent diplomacy and skills in the medical filed. In this case each practitioner in the field will work hard towards the goals of the organization because the chief medical director is an example to the rest (White, 2006).
In conclusion, the Chief Medical Officer should possess basic skills, resounding intelligence and competency to lead the organization to prosperity. With all these basic behavior and traits, Grand Hapids Spectrum health organization will achieve its medical objectives in the cardiovascular field.
White, C. (2006). Chief medical officer calls for rewards to improve clinical practice. British Medical Journal, 333 (7561), p. 216