Article Review - Chapter 11 - Goals – Article Example

(Section) Due) Review The of the article is, ‘Truth About Goal Setting’; it begins by providing case studies of acertain percentage of graduate students in Yale and Harvard University who have been tremendously successful due to proper goal setting. This case study also depicts a large number of other students who have not been successful as a result of poor or lack of goal setting.
It proceeds by posting questions to the reader concerning the kind of goals a person should set; it extends by giving options of the kinds of considerations a person should take when setting goals. Additionally, the article provides an example of a case study that that was conducted to determine the most successful methods of goal setting as well as types of goals.
The specific types of goals mentioned in the article are; specific, it connotes that specific goals are more effective in attaining desired outcomes than moderately specific. It also adds that, research has shown that complex goals are more efficient in attaining higher levels of performance than simpler goals.
The other aspect identified by the article as imperative during goal setting is group centric; it indicates that group centric goals are more efficient in attaining higher performance than egocentric since they focus the efforts of a group in attaining a common goal.
Consequently, the article identifies the importance of feedback in goal setting; it connotes that feedback on the progress of performance leads to higher productivity and it is also imperative for group centric goals.
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