Critical Thinking In A World Of Accelerating Change And Complexity.(Teaching Thinking Skills) – Article Example

UNIV 100 Article Response Sheet Section: of Article Read: Critical thinking in a world of accelerating change andcomplexity.
1. What was the main point of the article? (2 sentences maximum) The article takes a critical look at the analysis and assessment of thought process. It identifies a number of questions in both analysis of thought and quality of reasoning and recommends that if the teachers train their students in asking such questions routinely, it will automatically be assimilated in the students’ thought process and will improve their critical thinking skill.
2. Did the article help you understand the topic more fully? Why/Why not? (2 sentences maximum) The article certainly clarified my understanding as it provided a step-by-step pathway to improve critical thinking ability. Instead of talking in an abstract fashion, the authors Elder and Paul have broken down the problem into identifiable segments and have handled each segment in a very orderly manner.
3. This article will help me at the university because (3-5 sentences) in many aspects of classroom education critical thinking is not emphasized upon. As the world becomes more and more complex, problem-solving ability as well as effective communication will come to rely more and more on critical thinking. This article provides useful constructs which can be used every day everywhere to come to the root cause of any problem. The article teaches to question the purpose, view point, assumptions, implications, information and interpretation. The article helps to chart a way to take a fresh look at the lessons taught inside the classroom and outside.