Dicussion On Cloud Computing – Article Example

Discussion: cloud computing Cloud computing just like electri is a utility that can be switched on and off as and when needed or required. It thus enables businesses to consume as much as they need without incurring unnecessary costs. Cloud computing allows businesses to exactly align technology expenditure with their requirements. The IT department is therefore in a position to dynamically scale processing, storage as well as memory. In the early days of computing, businesses used to purchase more than needed just in case they ran out of resources. Modern-day businesses however have got access to transparency, scalability, security, compliance as well as reliability. A business requires communication, customer relationships, logistics, finance, human resources and the latest technology so as to serve their customer faster and better; this is what cloud computing aids businesses in accomplishing.
In spite of all the good things about cloud computing companies however need to be wary of what they are getting into. The following are issues in cloud computing. First and foremost is loss of control; which means firms give up control over all their software and information to a vendor. Secondly is performance and reliability of cloud computing is not always guaranteed and there can be a major failure, triggering disruption in business activities. Thirdly is cost of bandwidth could be quite high for some companies. The fourth demerit is vendor-lock in since true standards for how applications control as well as communicate applications, in a vendor’s cloud are yet to be established. Transparency is the fifth factor under cloud computing. Primarily, this boils down to the complicatedness that one is likely to have while auditing IT resources. Lack of true visibility in the cloud hinders one from ascertaining who has access to data and how people can be kept form sensitive data. Lastly reliability is another thorny issue. Clouds are not 100% safe per se. At times connections go down and back-ups generators have at times failed to start (Joe, 2012).
Joe, W. (2012). Cloudonomics:The Business value of Cloud Computing. New Jersey,NJ: John Wiley& Sons,Inc.