Globalization – Article Example

Globalization Article Review Globalization Article Review The main points discussed in the article include the importance of international relations with the example of 1648 Peace of Westphalia stated as the emergence of the modern state in the development of globalization enjoyed in the 21st century anchored on free trade (Wendy, January 2013). The establishment of United Nations in October 1945 marked a new area in global relations through fostering of international cooperation, achieve peace and security. The other point is that global realities required global relations to deal with common threats, develop markets, exchange technologies, manage conflict, and share power with rising non-state actors, Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) (Wendy, January 2013). The threats that arose owing to globalizations are global terrorist organizations and transnational crime syndicates. Interwoven intricacies of globalization require forum for negotiations and address of common problems, hence the General assembly of the United Nations. Three institutions regulate global trade World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization.
Globalization has fostered development in both developing and developed world but at the cost of human rights and ecological devastation leading to global debate on these issues and development of global movements for fair trade and Green movements resulting in international agreements for reduction of pollution (Wendy, January 2013). Globalization has created controversies including with those against it saying it has led to devastating effects on natural environment, neocolonialism, and unequal growth with developing countries at a disadvantage. Globalists argue that it promotes freedom and democracy, and that global warming and environmental degradations are opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation and new economic ventures (Wendy, January 2013).
The correlation of the main points in the article to globalization is that these points anchor the development of globalization owing to the importance of international relation and cooperation to globalization, the need for regulatory bodies for globalization to succeed, and the measures to solve global problems together. The costs and benefits of globalization are addressed by the points on development and global issues discussion and negotiations in UN general assembly. The controversies of globalization show the impact it has had over the years and the challenges created that have to be overcome for its success in future.
Wendy, C. (January 2013). Globalization. Massachusetts: Salem Press.