Goals – Article Example

Goals GOALS During this term, my most important goal is to become better and more efficient as a communicator. Although I do not feel I have a problem in a small group or with those I know, I do feel uncomfortable when I am part of a large group and have to speak in front of a group or with people I do not know. I also aim to become more specific in my communication to get my point across, which will help me excel academically, while also ensuring I am more comfortable sharing my thoughts, knowledge, and questions. I will also seek to be more realistic since I know that my future career is as a drafting design technician, which means that I will come across new methods of communication that will require me to get out of my comfort zone. By being realistic about what my career path entails, I will conquer my discomfort.
I will also challenge myself every week to step out into the world and out of my comfort zone. This could involve making notes of everything I do in order to improve my ability to get my ideas across. I will also be more time sensitive by not letting my inner voice keep me from doing what is required and procrastinating, especially with regards to taking charge of situations and improving my time keeping ability. This term, I will also be more adaptable in different academic situations by being courageous enough to ask and answer questions without worrying about what others will think. Finally, it is my goal this term to be more optimistic about my ability to achieve my goal in becoming a professional drafting design technician. Even though, so much has changed since the last term, I am willing to adapt in order to meet these challenges.
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