Grammar Create News – Article Example

News News Senator Jack Williams lives in Washington, which has some gorgeous ladies in the country. He was fast falling for the woman who lives in the next apartment from his house. The woman, who is very beautiful, was an ardent football fan. Jack was surprised because to him, women who loved football are very unusual.
Jack and his new girlfriend, Stephanie, went out for fun as is the tradition for most families during holidays. The couple was entertained by a comedian. As the comedian was entertaining the couple, a street boy dashed past the young couple, snatching the handbag of an onlooker, but only running a few meters as the woman yelled for her bag. The street boy turned out to be part of the show and the woman was apparently relieved.
On another occasion, Jack and Stephanie flew to Africa as tourists. At a game park, they saw a zebra. Zebra is a wonderfully made wild animal. It is not as beautiful as a peacock but has exceptional black and white strips. The couple realized that the zebra is practically the same as a donkey but much prettier. It runs fast but slower than a cheetah. The zebra
Despite the fact that Jack and Stephanie enjoyed their tour in an African game park, their tour guide did not speak clearly. In the evening, Stephanie was so tired that she fell asleep like a log in her sleeping bag. The next morning when she woke up, Jack realized that she sounded even more confused than she was the previous evening.
On their fifth day of the tour, Jack and Stephanie were taken to a cultural centre, where they watched different aspects of African cultures. Even though the tour was generally tiresome, the couple was amazed by a range of animals that they saw in the game park.