How Does Stress Affect Students In Universities And Colleges – Article Example

How Stress Affects in Universities and Colleges Stress as understood in sociology refers to how our bodies respond physically and emotionally to any kind of demand or event. There are variant causes and effects of stress that apply individually. The academic and life expectations of students in competitive colleges and universities are unique causes of stress among students. This paper will zero in on the effects of stress in students. Where minimal degrees of stress promote productivity, maximum stress correlates with poor performance. Many students in universities and colleges are prone to stress and its negative effects.
Stress leads to low productivity in academics and even in co-curricular activities. This is because students with stress will tend to miss classes and withdraw from usual interactions. Depression is another effect manifested in students with stress as they keep to themselves that further leads to obsession. Students with stress are virtually confused, make many mistakes, have increased forgetfulness, and lose interest in important issues like studies. Stressful students manifest excessive anger and hostility to irrelevant people (SMU Web). They will also exhibit emotional outburst and mental illness in extreme circumstances. They are easily irritated and continuously, engage in senseless arguments and blame others in their responsibilities.
Due to stress, students blame their teachers for their failure even when they did not study hard and missed classes. Their fears and worrying are easily established and they possess exam time jitters. Because of these, they will tend to overdo some things and experience insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, elevated blood pressure, and digestion problems. They will also lose appetite thus decrease in weight and stamina. In extreme cases they get stomach ulcers, trauma, and have problems in handling family and social relationships. They are also likely to divert to drug abuse while some commit suicide (SMU Web). Indeed, stress has dire effects on students especially on academic performance and therefore should be avoided at all costs.
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