Lawmakers Release Final Version Of Casino Bill, House And Senate Votes Expected Tomorrow In – Article Example

November 15, Hidden Questions in Boston Legislation A casual reading of the article, Lawmakers Release Final Version of Casino Bill, House and Senate Votes Expected Tomorrow in Massachusetts (Bierman), might appear to indicate no need for further analysis. Who, What, When, Why and How appears, at first glance, to have been adequately answered. However a deeper consideration and analysis raises more questions that need to be answered.
The most basic, superficial questions have been answered in this article:
Who? US House and Senate lawmakers
What? Released a compromise casino bill
When? Evening of November 14, 2011 for voting on November 15, 2011
Where? Boston, Massachusetts
Why? To get it passed and signed by the Governor before the winter recess
How? They promised money to the State and money to the school districts
One of the deeper, unanswered questions is: who is behind this compromise bill? It is a critical question because the bill has advantages for casinos (authorizing three casinos and a slot machine parlor, and protecting casinos from federal officials easily slipping underground to check on casino dealings, keeping the making it easier for casinos to avoid prosecution for hiring illegal immigrants, gives casinos a monopoly on happy-hour drinks) and props up the horse racing industry (with funding).
So what is really going on here? It is reasonable to suspect some kind of a mafia agreement preceded the legislation, since casinos and horse racing are gambling endeavors and generally fall under the control of organized crime. Pushing through a bill at the last possible moment before House and Senate recess would indicate a pre-agreement, especially on a compromise bill. It would be interesting to know when this effort began and where the original negotiations were made, before it came to the House and Senate. Why is the government cooperating with what appears to be an organized crime effort? The nod to schools is a biscuit thrown to the community, but does not fully answer the government’s willingness to cooperate so nicely. How did this happen, in Boston? What has been the lineage of contributing factors?
These are the questions that are not on the surface of the article, but emerge from between the lines. Analyzing the answers to these questions would be beneficial, in terms of halting an apparently blatant display of political corruption, and calling those who allow it into account. But of course, these questions are not addressed.
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