Native American Current Event (first Native American To Become A Saint) – Article Example

Key Words: World War II (WWII), United s, Nevajo, Talkers Day, Army, Talkers Native American current event (first Native American to become a Saint)
August 14: A Day to Honor the Navajo Code Talkers. By Anne Minard
The article is about the 14Th August of every year as a special day to honor the Navajo Code Talkers due to their fundamental role, which they played during the WWII. The United States army had exhausted its war tactics meant to defeat the Japanese who were then advancing towards them (Minard). Coincidentally, Nevajo soldiers devised codes in their luggage, which United States adopted and saved numerous people’s lives besides emerging victorious over their enemies. Mainly, this is because the Japanese were not able to unveil the codes; hence, it was more beneficial to the United States’ army despite earlier despising the Nevajo’s language. In addition, the article contends that, Nevajo’s codes prompted U.S commanders change perception towards them, hence heightening their reputation during the WWII.
Minard in this article, besides reporting the on goings of the day, she also links them with the key event (WWII) that prompted to its commemoration. This is via availing core background information with an intention of depicting why the soldiers and especially on 14Th August annually needs remembrance. To emphasize the content of this article, Minard utilizes a picture of matching soldiers. Three of these soldiers are raising flags having diverse colors whereas the others on the sides are carrying guns (Minard). This is to make her work appear authoritative besides heightening the article’s validity. In addition, Minard despite the entire article adopting the narration style she has also used the emotive aspect. This is to show how the United States commanders despised the Nevajo’s language before utilizing it to conger the Japanese. The trend is also evident in their country where formal education at the present seems to eliminate the language (Minard). The article’s content depicts the Nevajos’ contribution towards building of the current United States besides despised during the WWII because of their language.
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