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31 May 2012
The officials of Poly Prep Country Day School concealed instances of sexual abuse among boys by the coach that occurred over a couple of years. In essence, their actions were devious and unacceptable considering that the officials threatened to punish boys who complained over sexual exploitation by the coach. A case filed in 2009 by Mulhearn endeavored to obtain a minimum of $20 million as compensatory plus disciplinary damages for all of its nine complainants. High ranking members of Poly Prep ignored grievances of the students. The school officials were deviant in their acts in ignoring the cries of students regarding ongoing abuse. This point towards complicity among the school’s officials with the offender, Phil Foglietta, being the coach in perpetuating sexual abuse; what makes the case absurd is the fact that the officials tolerated the coach’s behavior for decades subjecting the students to sexual abuse experiences.
In a new twist, the people who presented the petition in the federal court over the cover up of sexual abuse by officials of Poly Prep Country Day School will receive a substantial legal boost in their quest. This is because Pillsbury Winthrop, a global full-service corporation with offices in New York, Shanghai, in addition to several other cities, will lineup with Orangeburg, N.Y., lawyer Kevin Mulhearn, the only practitioner who filed the petition in Brooklyn federal court (OKeeffe 1). The firm chose involvement in the case after the inquisition of a colleague, Mark Litvack, who is an alumnus of Poly Prep.
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