Response To Religion Article – Article Example

Response to Religion Article Ali Gomaa, the Egyptian Grand Mufti’s reaction to the on-going protests against the offensive You Tube posting of Prophet Mohammed is both timely and well-meaning. Notably, Mufti being one of the most respected Islamic figures in Egypt will have a great impact on the reactions in the Islamic world in general, and particularly in Egypt – a country that is still healing from the ravages of recent violence following the transition of power from the strongman Hosni Mubarak. The United States and France have incurred the wrath of the Islamic groups, which have taken to the streets following the posting of the offensive videos and pictures that portray Prophet Mohamed in disparaging dimensions. Of course, it is true that the very posting of the pictures and all possible reactions and actions revolve around the dual questions of freedom of expressions and religious hatred (Lee).
Resolving the matter will necessarily depend on the manner in which these issues weigh into the broad debate of freedom and religious tolerance. One of the most likely impressions that could relate to the protests is that the west uses its predominantly Christian demographics to systematically support structures that disparage the Islamic world. Further, the postings could be viewed as representative of the dominant feelings among the Christians in the west about Muslims and the Islamic religion. It is therefore important that the world leaders react in a manner that lessens the spread of hatred beyond the prevailing symptoms. Religious fundamentalism and extremism have always caused some of the major conflicts and misunderstandings in the world. It is from this perspective that the reactions of the Grand Mufti of Egypt must be appraised and appreciated.
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