The Australian Health Care System (Sociology) – Article Example

THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM What is the Constitution?  Answer: Constitution is the term coined to define the supreme laws and regulations that are employed in Australia. These are the laws which are necessary to be followed by the government and upon which the functioning of the government is based.
2. What are the basic responsibilities of federal and state governments in relation to health care? 
Answer: The roles in association with the federal and state governments have always remained divided according to the changing governments. The public hospitals which constitute the major proportion of the hospitals in the country are run mainly under the state governments with a small proportion of the funding by the state governments as well. On the other hand, the community health was initially a part of the federal government but now it remains to be a divided role of the state as well as the federal governments with the major role lying in the hands of the state governments. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Program as well as the Medicare services has a major portion of the funding by the federal government. Though they are majorly under the state governments, the fashion of their working and their regulations are provided by the federal government.
3. Who is the current federal health minister?
Answer 3: The current federal health minister is Hon Nixola Rixon. 
4. Who is the current state health minister?
Answer 4: The current state health minister is Daniel Andrews. 
5. What is Medicare? 
Answer: Medicare Australia is a health care organization of the Australian government. It runs in collaboration with the Department of Health and Aging and runs under the strategies and guiding principles of this department. It works towards achieving the targets with regard to the health care goals of the Australian Government. It is basically a health insurance program which provides coverage to all the Australians to access medical services through the public service hospitals.
6. What is an example of a health policy influenced by the ideology of social liberalism? 
Answer: Medicare is an example of a health policy which is influenced by the ideology of social liberalism. This is because this service is meant to cater to the health needs of all Australians and employs services for them through public service hospitals.
7. What is an example of a health policy influenced by the ideology of economic liberalism? 
Answer: Private Health Insurance is a health policy which follows the ideology of economic liberalism. People who can afford for themselves a private insurance cover can utilize this service and via this program they can choose the hospitals of the private sector and the doctors according to their own will.
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