Why You Can't Sell Me A Car By Dave Mosher – Article Example

Module "Why You Cant Sell Me A Car" by Dave Mosher Cars are assets. When computing personal assets, having a car is an added advantage. Practically, it is a form of investment. Apparently, in the present world the resurgence of insurance has made it easy to own a car. Once the car is involved in an accident, it will be replaced. Secondly, a car is an investment as it enhances comfort, flexibility and mobility. Thirdly, a car is less costly when maintained and serviced appropriately (Mosher 1). Lastly, a car is not a liability to the environment as there is now production of cars that save energy and are environment friendly.
The idea of cars driving themselves is not welcome. For example, cars that are prone to drive themselves do not have common sense when it is needed. Some situations need human beings to avert time wasting and waste of resources. Similarly, though some cars control themselves, they should be accompanies by human beings. Therefore, no car is perfect to drive itself on the roads.
Robots are prone to malfunctioning especially when they have technical issues. This could cause gross accidents and losses when such an occasion arises. Secondly, robots are programmed according to their functionality (Mosher 1). Therefore, they are unlikely to adapt to new instructions. For example, robots will find it hard to use diversions on the roads.
Lastly, car manufacturers have enhanced environment conservation techniques. Environmental conservation has different approaches. First, car manufacturers have embraced recycling materials. This reduces the effects on the environment. Secondly, car manufacturers are finding alternative ways of producing energy for cars. Using alternative sources of energy reduces the pollution to the environment. Thirdly, car-manufacturing industries are conserving energy by using solar power. For example, the Audi plant has placed massive solar generators on top of its building to provide sufficient solar power. Lastly, the cars in the market are fuel efficient due to the latest technology. For example, carburetor engines have been discontinued. This has been replaced by electric transmission, which is fuel-efficient.
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