WSJ ( Wall Street Journal) Marketing – Article Example

Wall street Journal (Marketing) s Section I This article is about how Big Pizza Chains are using the internet to slice out a bigger share of the market. According to the author of this article Julie Jargon, online marketing has been on the rise and no one wants to be left behind (Julie Jargon, 2014). Fast food companies are in the fore front on using the web to solicit their customers and this has led to a lot of profits according to Jargon.
Section II
According to this revelation it is true that the world is quickly turning into a digital world and everything will soon be done just by a click of a button. Online marketing is a viable business which has made things easier. It has made buying and selling of goods very fast since you does not have to present yourself to the shops in order to purchase the goods. Fast food companies like Geraci’s Restaurant attributes their increased profits from 49% to 52% due to increased online customers who place their orders. Geraci Restaurant has been forced to increase their trucks in order to cope with the rising demand of fast food most of them who are students at the University of Heights in Ohio according to Jargon. This is a revelation that for anyone to survive in this industry there is need to come up with an effective communication systems as well as effective data management systems which will effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of the customers.
Section III
In future, it will be very difficult for new market entrants since they are likely to face a lot of competition especially since it will be very difficult to know which customers belong to who in the internet. For this reason, it is predicted that in future new market entrants must come up with counter competitive measures through the web in order to gain profits in the fast food industry.
Julie Jargon. (2014, February 6). Big Pizza Chains Use Web Ordering To Slice Out Bigger Market Share: Many Mom-and-Pop Shops Lack Resources to Compete Online. Retrieved 2014, from Wall Street Journal-Marketing :