A Few Questions – Assignment Example

Conference Worksheet _____________________________ What do you really want to say in this paper? Try to sum it up in one or two sentences.
Censorship is a function of a persons values as well as that of an entire society, but it can change over time. However, censorship tends to restrict a persons creativity like the one that is discussed in the article under review.
2. What do you want readers to think and understand about your topic after reading your essay? How would you summarize the main points you want to explore in this paper?
Censorship can work both ways, but it is an imposition on other people when we try to influence their opinions and activities by restricting their access to available information. It is preferable that censorship be exercised only after serious consideration on its possible effects.
3. What do you see as some of the strengths of this paper?
One strength of this paper is to show how censorship has it good effects as well as the bad effects it can have on people, depending on how it is exercised. The other strength is to let people think of the consequences of censorship in the long run and make them decide whether it is good or bad for them in their individual circumstances.
4. What areas do you still think you need to work on? What would you like for me to help you with in this conference? How can I be most useful to you right now?
5. What do you really hope to do, or to accomplish, with this essay?
Censorship is a matter of personal opinion. It is also important to respect the rights of all other persons such as those guaranteed by the First Amendment but obviously, there are limits to those rights. There are some things one just cannot do at will because it violates morals. The real intent of this essay is to make people realize that censorship also has its limits.
6. What have you learned so far (about yourself, the subject you’re writing about, the world) in writing this paper?
I learned that censorship can work both ways, that it is a double-edged sword. However, censorship can also change over time because what a society values the most can change in the long term. What is offensive today may become acceptable by tomorrows social standards. The world practices censorship in many ways and people should be vigilant about their rights.