Alter Book – Assignment Example

Q: What am I doing? why am I doing it? Altering book is a form of art in which a book is taken and changed into a form of mix media artwork by altering it; this may include changing its appearance and sometimes meanings. The book to be altered may be old or new depending on the kind of work an artist wants to be done. Some people like it to complicate a bit by cutting, tearing, burning, folding, painting, using collage work and rebinding and making pockets and niches to keep tags or colorful rocks. Sometimes artist keeps it simple like by just adding a drawing or adding some text to the book or just changing the shape of the book or creating pop-ups.
I have selected a poem to alter. The reason for selecting a poem is that it pacifies my esthetic sense. I am an art lover and admire every form of art but I prefer this form of art because it is a new and exciting way to express one’s feelings and creating new stuff. My personal interest in creating a good Alter book using different colors, patterns and shapes is to experience the feeling that I have passed the ultimate test of the artistic abilities.
For me altering this poem is just like giving it a new life, there will be a lot fun in the process of altering this poem. In addition the feeling of ultimate joy and achievement in the end are motivational powers to my interest and dedication in completing the work efficiently. It is worth mentioning that altering books is a good form of recycling. I would really like to be an altered book artist in the future as it can also be a good source of income and fame.