Answers Three Questions – Assignment Example

Answers three questions To be specific, a page on facebook or a similar website helps an individual to present oneself to others in an attractive manner. If I have a page on facebook, I will do my level best to present myself as most attractive and influential. For instance, I very well know that innovative measures adopted by me to create first impression will be long-lasting. So, I will update my profile constantly because it will attract the attention of multiple audiences. Besides, I will link my face book account with attractive (most possibly, better looking) and high status friends. In addition, I will show keen interest in adopting latest application software because this will help others to think that I am a tech-savvy. I will upload most attractive photos because it will describe my personality. I will make calculated decision on choosing my favorite books and interests. These will be the ways that I selectively present myself to others.
I think, presenting me to others in a selective way is just putting our best foot forward, not dishonest. For instance, if one is not able to create first impression, there exists less scope for socialization in cyberspace. When one presents oneself in a selective way, one is not trying to misguide or cheat others. But Rosenbloom opines that some people show keen interest to misrepresent them because they like to see themselves as ideal (Rosenbloom A2). As one is trying to attract others, it is not dishonest to do so. The motivating factor behind the creation of public/private profile/ page in a social networking site is socialization, not cheating. My aim is to create my own space in the cyberspace and to attract others towards me. If I do not show interest in presenting myself in an attractive manner, I will not be able to be influential among my friends and well-wishers. If one’s aim is to present oneself attractive and attract others, presenting one to others in a selective way just is putting our best foot forward, not dishonest.
I am aware of the fact that my boss knows more about my weaknesses, my parents know more about my private matters, and my friends know more about my hobbies/ interests. So, while I am presenting myself before my boss, my parents and my friends, I will not disclose the matters that they know. Instead, I will try this way.
To my boss: I will try to present my strengths and positive side of my character. For instance, I will give more importance to my ‘do or die’ nature and perfectionism. I will not reveal my weak points because it will create negative impression.
To my parents: I will not disclose private matters to my parents because it should not be revealed and must be kept as a secret. But I will try my level best to make them know that I am an able person on whom they can trust.
To my friends: I will not present my hobbies and interests before my friends because they know my hobbies/ interests. Instead, I will try to impress them by presenting myself as a person who loves technological innovation.
Rosenbloom, Stephanie. “Putting your Best Cyberspace Forward”. New York Times
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