Apple Computer, Inc – Assignment Example

Apple Computer Apple computer is the product which is entirely different from the existing ones and it accompanies with it a user-friendly experience. Adding to it, it is an easy to use, more secure, powerful and compatible with the environment. In fact it is a multinational corporation company that has engaged into manufacturing the consumer electronics, Computer software and personal computers. The recently evolved and bloomed products of Apple Inc are the Macintosh computers, Apple iPod and the Ipad. The Iphone which is into the market is an extensively popular name among the public.
It was started during 1970’s in the name of Apple Computer Inc. manufacturing only computer products and peripherals in a normal manner. The company has seen its gradual growth in their travel towards upward growth if the market and currently, the company has got revived to produce consumer electronics products too. So the name was changed to Apple Inc removing the word computer from it.(Gitman & McDaniel, 2008). The Macintosh product was the most successful one which made the Apple Inc to grow overtime rapidly. Following the same, they gave an entry to the products like digital cameras, audio players, video consoles in an innovative way, completely different from what other producers have given in the market. This opportunity was utilized by Apple Inc and gradually they captured the consumer electronics market too.
In the initial stages the platform that they developed for the OS did not support Multitasking and so it was a timely failure, but now the Macintosh version that is into picture has gained its own success among the public especially the youngsters and the big business shots. This is the real success the company has acquired in time and it is expected to achieve more in the future considering its future endeavors.
The weakness of IKEA decides the situation of the company in the market place. The size of the business is the base for the quality of the product and the company must make sure that the size and scale of business must be improved in order to achieve better quality and standards. (Gitman & McDaniel, 2008).The company must also concentrate on manufacturing products with low cost. The products with low cost should also emphasize on the quality of the product. Apple must improve its communication with its consumers and the shareholders as this will help in the further development of the company.
The major problem of the company is the inability to manage the production and they lack in the communication with their customers. These weaknesses have to be improved so that the company can improve its standards and the quality of the products. This will help in the expansion and the development of the organization.
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