Are Interships Worth To Effort – Assignment Example

Your full full July 19, Are Internships Worth to Effort? An internship is a real world learning experience related to work that gives one a chance to gain practical experience related to one’s field and enhances one’s knowledge and skills necessary to start the career. This mini-paper discusses why internships are worth to effort.
1. First of all, internships enable the individual to know if he is pursuing the right career for him. The intern tends to learn and explore more about his occupational field. Professional exposure is necessary to create that confidence needed to start a reliable career. The intern learns how to apply the lessons he studied to real world problems.
2. The intern becomes familiar with the organizational culture. He learns how to work in teams and alone. He learns the norms and values needed to work with managers and co-employees and also gets familiarized with the overall business environment.
3. Internships provide opportunity to expand networking and public relations. This helps in making contacts that may be a big help in future.
4. The intern becomes aware of his personal qualities, abilities and talents. He gets to know his personality’s haves and have-nots and this helps him develop the skills he lacks and makes him confident enough to utilize his existing capabilities.
5. Internships enable an individual to follow a professional routine which would help him when he will pursue his real career. This way he will be able to learn the difference between various working styles and techniques.
6. Internships are a very valuable addition to the individual’s curriculum vitae and resume because this helps increase his market value when he goes for a job.