Assigment – Assignment Example

ROMAN CITIES There are numerous elements that both Roman cities and the cities of the modern world have in common. The Romans were innovators in manyregards and we have them to thank for a number of things that make lives in our own urban centres today much easier to lead.
One feature was roads that went from north to south and east to west. This made it easier to travel in a city and kept roads straight. A builder didnt have to know what the whole city looked like before he started on a road, he only needed to see where the sun was.
Another feature was public monuments in cities that helped to celebrate or remember moments from history. Important figures in the life of the cities were recognized in the forms of statutes
A final feature was how large urban centers made it easier to provide public services such as welfare to recipients. This was first done in Rome.
But some elements were less specific. Much of the key modernization of this period in Roman history was economic, and the most important aspect of this was urbanization. Cities began to spring up in the empire, and regions became better defined by these urban centres. These new cities required the creation of road networks and the flourishing of trade and commerce. Trade was regulated by an increasingly sophisticated bureaucracy. This bureaucracy was made possible by a rapid increase in the numbers of schools and the quality of education available. These sort of vital economic changes exist in our cities today.
The key development that made Rome powerful was urbanization. In todays world our cities, which borrow so much from Roman ones, are more powerful still.