Assignment 13 / Human Resource – Assignment Example

Q1: Mary’s past work record can serve as an evidence that Mary is actually reliable, loyal, disciplined employee, as she worked exceptionally and wasconsidered a model employee for the first six years of her work in the Beach Electrical Systems (BES). This data can be a solid argumentation, witnessing for Mary. One can draw a conclusion that current work attendance problems of Mary are caused not due to her lack of concern for the job, but due to the real bad state of her health or due to other personal issues, because of which Mary has to act against her habitual positive attitude to the company and to her work.
Q2: Rules of working overtime should be fixed in the official corporative documents (e.g. HR polices) and/or in contracts, signed by an employee and an employer. An employee should be aware about the rules and agree with them (with written evidence) before he or she starts to work in the company. In this case an employee should present convincing proofs why he or she can’t work overtime, in the same way as in an ordinary work case. If rules of working overtime are not defined explicitly, managers may only ask their employers to work overtime, and employees may agree or disagree voluntarily, without explanations. But in both cases, managers have no rights to demand details of personal life of an employee who does not express a willingness to work overtime.
Q3: Mary’s arguments seem much stronger in this case: first of all, she produced the verifiable proofs of all her cases of absence, thus, her employee behaviour should not be considered as improper; second, she did not have to work overtime and had rights to refuse; third, she is actually right that the BES termination policy was implemented with infringements in her case. Arguments of the management concerning that Mary was talked about her attendance problem periodically, and concerning her refusal to work overtime are quite unconvincing ones, because there is no documentary evidence of these facts.
Q4: If I was a member of the company’s peer-review complaint committee, I would vote in support of Mary. First of all, it is evidently that Mary is a valuable employee that can provide a high-quality work for the company. Her current absentee problems are connected with her personal problems, but not with her attitudes to work and to the company. It is also evidently that Mary is going through a tough period of her life, and she needs in supporting, rather than in problems deepening. One can hope that if the company supports Mary, she will work even with more diligence, when she is better. Another important reason to support of Mary that management of the company should follow strictly procedures and policies, fixed in corporative documents. Documents should contain different situations, which may occur, including overtime working, and employee should be well aware about their rights and obligations in advance. Currently there are serious omissions both in the BES documentation, and in an execution of corporate policies.