Assignment On Regional Geography – Assignment Example

The Best Opportunities for Agriculture in the Region

1. Where are the best opportunities for agriculture in this region? Why are these most favorable?
The best opportunities for agriculture in this region can be found in the large-scale production of cereal crops such as wheat, oats and barley. A major reason for this is the topography of the land. Much of the plains are great for farming with large scale machines.
2. Siberia's rivers flow north. How does this create a problem for development?
Siberia’s north flowing rivers create problems for development because their northern extremities freeze in the winter. This makes navigation impossible.
3. What are some of the difficulties in extracting Russia's vast natural resources?
One difficulty in extracting Russia’s natural resources is because of the harsh climate in which many of them are found. Vast distances must be crossed, often through areas where permafrost makes road construction and travel difficult.
4. What are some of the factors that contributed to the break up of the Soviet Union?
One factor that contributed to the breakup of the Soviet Union was simmering ethnic rivalries that could be found in places such as Georgia, Armenia and Lithuania. They did not like the ethnic Russians moving in and controlling their nations.
5. Why has there been a population decline in Russia?
The population decline in Russia is due to a consistently low birth rate and a rising mortality rate. Some doctors feel that the economic reforms that were enacted after the fall of the Soviet Union were too severe, causing widespread stress and increase in diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver.
6. Why did consumerism grow so much after the collapse of the Soviet Union?
Consumerism grew so rapidly because there was a lot of pent-up demand for consumer goods. Getting these newly available goods became a symbol of the newly democratic Russia.
7. Why does it cost more to produce most everything in Russia?
Everything costs more to produce in Russia because much of the manufacturing infrastructure is antiquated. The factories are still equipped with Soviet era machines and technology that operated under a system that did not need to worry about competition.
8. Why did Russia turn off the natural gas supplies to Ukraine?
Russia turned off the natural gas supply to the Ukraine due to a dispute about royalties that needed to be paid to the suppliers and owners of the gas pipelines.
9. Why might some citizens in this region wish communism never ended?
Some citizens in this region might wish communism never ended because communism was a sure thing. The new economic realities of a capitalist system are very scary, especially for older people. The thought that the state wouldn’t provide you with all you needed is a very scary idea for people that are used to communism.