Bad News Letter – Assignment Example

96 North 500 East Salt Lake UT 84057 March 31, Ms. Janet Bragg 1212 East Nordic Circle Logan, UT 84321 Dear Ms. Bragg, It has come to the attention of the graduate office that test scores for last year’s University freshman class were returned with averages that were far below the expected levels of competence demanded by University officials. Even though the administration office is well-aware of the many efforts put forth by the staff regarding testing instruction and preparation, the University is about to receive corrective action from the US Department of Education for poor academic performance on several standardized tests.
After careful review of the situation, all leadership in the administration group has reached a consensus that next year’s testing be associated with teacher training packets to better assist in helping students prepare for these importance examinations. The administrative office staff does not necessarily believe that these low test scores are a product of classroom incompetence, rather that we, as the leadership group, have failed to provide proper direction and training that has led to this potential reputational damage for the University.
As a consequence, the leadership group is actively working on reassessment of current training materials and will be making corrections or additions as we deem necessary so as to help students boost their testing performance. These new packets should be completed no later than May 15, 2010 and will be delivered to each classroom instructor immediately after their production for your review and comments.
I would like to again reinforce that this is not an issue that we believe starts in the classroom, rather it is a product of the leadership team failing to emphasize certain procedural guidelines designed to help students prepare for these important examinations.
It is my hope that you understand that these changes are necessary and we, as the leader team, felt it necessary to inform you that steps are being taken to make preparation a better organized system for our future graduates.
Joseph Martin