Bad News Letter – Assignment Example

Wycomp Inc 345 Amhurst Drive Logan Utah 84321 Dear Ms Miller, Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the prudence you have shown by enlisting your name in the night classes of the university. As the personnel director I can assure you that such training programs will mentor you to grab the best opportunity that attests your reach to the pinnacle of success.
Though I respect your decision to pursue the program but there exists certain protocols that I as a manager cannot violate. I’m aware that you have completed the accounting course yet your designation bars you from enjoying 100 percent reimbursement. You belong to the grade C category and to avail cent percent payment the candidate must be from the A grade. The company functions on certain rules and decorum which we as employees should all abide by to ensure the smooth running of our organization.
However, Sharon I hope, by now you have imbibed the values that Wycomp Inc stands for. Profit and success defines every institution but we differ in our ‘never give up’ attitude. Though I accept it might be a bit disheartening initially, yet your days spend in Wycomp Inc should propel you to overcome it. On being your senior I would rather advice you to do all the needful that will ensure your up gradation in the next session.
I extend my heart felt wishes and sincerely believe that your acumen will definitely find its way through the labyrinth of such training programs.
Yours Sincerely,