Best Bay Brings Diversity To The Geek Squad – Assignment Example

1. Why is racial and gender diversity important in motivating employees? Motivation in workplace is the influence that makes us do things to achieve organizational goals: this is a result of satisfying or meeting our individual needs so that we are motivated to complete organizational tasks effectively (Chan, n.d.). As these needs vary from person to person and there also exist diversity in workplace, an organization must be able to utilize different motivational tools to encourage their diverse employees to put in the required effort and increase productivity for the company.
Any organization’s future success relies on its ability to manage a diverse body of talent that can bring innovative ideas, perspective and views to work. This workplace diversity is considered as a challenge and problem but can be turned into a strategic organizational asset. The organization should be able to capitalize on this melting pot of diverse talents. Because at the end, the organization that sees the existence of a diverse workforce as an organizational asset rather than a liability would indirectly help the organization to take in positive way its stride some of the less positive aspects of diversity in workforce.
2. How does Best Buys trip to Memphis encourage racial diversity among managers and employees?
The effectiveness of workplace diversity management is always dependent on the skillful balancing act of the manager, especially the Human Resources manager. And in order to manage workplace diversity effectively, the manger needs to change from an ethnocentric view to a culturally relative perspective (Chan, n.d.).
Actually, the trip to Memphis will encourage managers to air their opinions and learn how to resolve conflicts due to their diversity. The purpose of such activity or program also seeks to encourage managers to move beyond their own cultural frame of reference to recognize and later take full advantage of the productivity potential inherent in their diverse workplace.
3. Why does a diverse workforce help increase the bottom line in a retail company such as Best Buy?
In reality, workforce diversity is not easily categorized and those organizations that respond to human complexity by leveraging the talents of a broad workforce will be most effective in growing their businesses and their customer base (Chan, n.d.). Retail companies, such as Best Buy, must realize the advantage of a diverse workforce by no (Chan)w. Because there is diversity in their markets, there is also a necessity to employ diverse talents to understand their various needs. A diverse workforce, if properly managed, can also enable the company to attain new markets.
Chan, Alvin. "The Challenges Of Human Resource Management." n.d. 3 November 2010 .