Best Bay Brings Diversity To The Geek Squad – Assignment Example

1. Why is racial and gender diversity important in motivating employees? Racial and gender diversity is important because it gives higher employerretention rates and there is a noticeable improvement in workforce working as a team or working individual because every person is different from other and they get to learn a lot of things from each other . Organizations that hire people from different races and gender have more talented staff. When women and people from different cultures and beliefs are paid equal to everyone else they became more loyal to company.
2. How does Best Buys trip to Memphis encourage racial diversity among managers and employees?
Best buy took their employees to the National Civil Right Museum in Memphis which is famous for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. The museum exhibits the fight for civil rights in country and fight for equality. By getting through the history of this museum best buy expects its managers and employees to respect each other’s way of living, thinking and working as this would create a better environment to work and increase the productivity of workforce by creating a friendlier surrounding.
3. Why does a diverse workforce help increase the bottom line in a retail company such as Best Buy?
Best buy gives it employees a family like atmosphere where their rights are equal as they treat them fairly. They make their workers glad that they are working for best buy. Without the thoughts of discrimination in their minds the workforce usually tends to work hard to do good business and by not discriminating the company also hires the best person for specific jobs as each person is unique and has different ability from others. These factors in the end give a significant increment in the bottom line.