Best Bay Brings Diversity To The Geek Squad – Assignment Example

1. Why is racial and gender diversity important in motivating employees? These days the organizations are showing more gender and race based diversity than before because the motivation of employees depends a lot upon the way the company treats them if they start to discriminate among the employees on the bases of race and gender the workforce will tend to divide in different groups resulting an unfriendly atmosphere and less productivity, however if the employees are treated equally without any discrimination of race or gender the workforce puts more efforts in performing the given tasks.
2. How does Best Buys trip to Memphis encourage racial diversity among managers and employees?
Best buy took their managers to National Civil Rights Museum which was a motel before and is situated in Memphis. The Museum is famous for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Best Buy wanted their managers to learn about civil right movement and how the African Americans struggled for their rights. By taking lesson from the past that the employees would respect each other and would not create racial discrimination
3. Why does a diverse workforce help increase the bottom line in a retail company such as Best Buy?
A company which combines workers from different parts of world and different genders has larger talent pools because every individual has a different view about things around. By valuing a diverse workforce and removing race and gender based boundaries is beneficial for a company like Best Buy. When the workforce is treated equally they become more forgiving if any problem occurs and gives company a team to trust upon which is beneficial for the final outcomes of company. The important thing to remember which can increase the bottom line of any company is that diversity brings out different talents and experienced workers due to faithfulness.