Business Communication Assignment – Assignment Example

Residential Halls Department < > Mealaweek Club Monday, 10 May 15:00:25 +0400 Introducing new food service.
Dear Sir / Madam,
Top quality foodstuff has always remained a demand of food lovers. Indeed, many of you like to eat in hotels, restaurant, pizza parlors, inns and cafes on weekends or weekdays, which offer delicious meals and an awesome environment. However, a great number of people reject eating in congested hotels and dining halls that do not meet their tastes, preferences and quality requirements. For all those, we offer a solution.
We proudly announce that we are coming up with a comprehensive launch of our new “Mealaweek Club”, which aims to target masses that demand a variety of meals and foodstuff with free delivery services to their homes and apartments. We offer the following products at affordable prices.
1) We offer pizza, Buffalo wings, hamburgers and curly fries.
2) Veggie roll ups, hot dogs, nuggets, fish and many other eatables.
Customers are at liberty to choose their meals from our product range and the day of delivery. In addition, we have introduced a hassle-free payment system, as our valued clients can make payments through options as under.
1) MasterCard
2) Visa Card
3) Personal check.
We also offer discounts for bulk orders to strengthen relations with our buyers. Moreover, we offer special commissions for existing buyers who introduce new customers to our club thereby becoming Customer Evangelists.
So, it’s time to register with Mealaweek Club by signing our membership form as enclosed with this letter and start placing your orders. We will deliver your food once we verify your payment and address details. You can contact at our toll free number 0800-88999 for further information and can place orders at 111-532-532. Also, you can visit our website for online registration, additional company information and order placement.
Ms. Sarah Bradman
Marketing Head
Mealaweek Club