Case 11-B – Assignment Example

Case Problem 11 – B: We Need More Engagement Around Here Case Problem 11 – B: We Need More Engagement Around Here 1. How bad is employee motivation and engagement as revealed by the Exhibit?
The Exhibit revealed practically a very bad status of motivation and engagement for the HMO workers as shown by more than 56% not putting enough effort into the job most days, more than 66% expecting not to work for the company for at least three more years, and 62% responded that they see no opportunities at work to learn and grow.
2. What actions can management take to increase motivation?
To increase motivation, management must develop and promote behavioral patterns that are consistent with the achievement of goals. To do that, management needs to understand and recognize what motivates these workers. As revealed by the exhibit, the workers are dissatisfied with the fact that there are no opportunities for growth and improvement. Therefore, management can design training and development modules to enhance productivity. Further, a review of the tasks of people should indicate if there is a need for rotation to make workers enjoy a variety of tasks; help them engage in teambuilding and leadership training programs. Likewise, since 69% of the respondents have indicated that they are satisfied with their compensation, management could evaluate the need to provide rewards and recognition to motivate them into performing above the standards set for them.
3. Should management focus on intrinsic, or extrinsic, motivators in attempting to enhance the motivation and engagement level of these HMO workers?
The value of a reward system to a person is relative, a reward can be large or small, intrinsic or extrinsic, but only when compared to another. Intrinsic reward is defined as “a non-material reward of working in a job (such as status, job satisfaction or human interest)” (HRdictionary, 2010, par. 1); while extrinsic reward is “a financial or material reward for work” (HRdictionary, 2010, par. 1). In this regard, HMO workers who found their compensation packages favorable and are satisfied with it should be given intrinsic rewards in terms of recognition and reward programs which would help them satisfy their esteem, status and self-actualization needs.
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