Case 13-A – Assignment Example

Case Problem 13 – A: The Adam Aircraft Work Group/Team Case Problem 13 – A: The Adam Aircraft Work Group/Team In what way did the speed factor enhance group performance?
The speed factor enhanced group performance as it clearly materialized the completion of the airplane at critical working processes. According to Wilding, “we could see in an instant what the status was. The airplane itself became the motivator”.
In addition, speed enabled the group to attest to the public that building a plane within weeks on target is viable, possible and achievable with a cohesive and motivated group.
2. Which characteristics of an effective work group does the Adam Aircraft team display?
High performing teams can be described and characterized in terms of nine components according to the Charter Oak Consulting Group (1989), to wit: (1) clearly identified mission; (2) goals understood by team members; (3) roles are clearly identified; (4) effective leadership is applied; (5) there is open and honest communication; (6) decision-making process is orderly and effective; (7) there are clear systems and procedures; (8) working conditions contribute to conducive working climate; and (9) the team is rewarded for work well done. In this regard, the Adam Aircraft team displayed an understanding and commitment to the mission, goals, roles of the organization and the project. They have clearly complied with the leadership style and have been motivated by the working condition and climate in the organization. The reward as manifested in being satisfied to see their completed and successful endeavor has been recognized through increase in orders for future planes of the same caliber.
3. In what way might the task of building a personal jet have contributed to being a high performing work group?
The task of building a personal jet provided the appropriate working condition, climate, application of process and systems, and the perfect leadership style that enabled the team to focus on the mission, goals and specifically identified roles in the team. They exemplified a cohesive and high performing team by sharing positive feelings about their group and by sharing goals and values that are internalized and rendered effective in achieving them. Since the standards of performance are high, the resulting performance of the team is likewise high. By building a personal jet, the group proved that an innovative product could succeed with coordinated and cohesive teamwork committed to achieving their goals.
Charter Oak Consulting Group. (1989). Harford, Connecticut.