Centurion Internet Search- Extra Credit – Assignment Example

Extra Credit (10 Points) Centurion Internet Search Instructions: Using the internet find out more about “long lived people” and your prospects of becoming a centurion. Complete the following questions. A full credit paper will have complete and in depth answers, use proper grammar and complete sentences. (hint . . . a good starting point is www.livingto100.com)
1. How many centurions are alive in the United States today? Worldwide? How have these figures changed since the beginning of the twentieth century? How is this number expected to change in the future?
Today in the United States an estimated 96,548 centurions are alive. This statistic was done on November 2009. That is the latest statistic available. Worldwide around 450,000 centurions are estimated to exist. The figures have jumped since the beginning of the 20th century. The number is supposed to rise in the future due to medical breakthroughs and healthy living.
Website: http://www.thecentenarian.co.uk/how-many-people-live-to-hundred-across-the-globe.html
2. To what do aging experts attribute the change in the number of centurions?
The rise in centurions is a combination of high birth rates, lower mortality rates, healthy habits, and advances in medical science.
Website: http://www.demogr.mpg.de/Papers/Books/Monograph2/the%20emergence.htm
3. What are several traits and life style habits that are common among long lived people around the world?
A healthy weight is common among long lived people around the world. Low stress levels are common among long lived people around the world. Non smokers are among long lived people around the world. Finally women live longer than men.
Website: http://www.answers.com/topic/centenarian
4. Briefly explain the relationship between each of the following to expected longevity: education level, marital status, weight, blood pressure, and stress.
Most long lived individuals are educated, married, have a healthy weight, low blood pressure and low stress.
Website: http://www.answers.com/topic/centenarian
5. What advice do centurions offer to individuals who would like to reach 100 years of age themselves?
Centurions normally give the same advice. No smoking, healthy weight, exercise, and low stress is what centurions advise.
Website: http://www.everydayhealth.com/longevity/secrets-from-centenarians.aspx
6. Some experts have mixed feelings about the online “age-o-meters” and the advice that some of them dispense. What are some of their concerns? What legal and ethical issues do online resources such as these raise?
Age-o-meters give people a false sense of security. No one can predict the future. Age-o-meters do not ask all the questions needed. For example the livingto100 calculator did not ask about injuries, radiation exposure, and other factors that might cause early death.
Website: http://calculator.livingto100.com/calculator/age
7. Would you want to live to be 100? Why or why not? I would not mind living to be 100 if my mental facilities were okay. If I was senile or in pain, I would not want to live to be 100.