Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Running head: SAFETY PLANS Safety Plans – Construction Sites Module: Lecturer: Safety in a construction site is as important as the construction itself. It is difficult to have the term construction site without the word safety crossing ones mind says Holt (2001). The need to have safety measures in place is of huge importance in any construction site and a strict requirement in many countries. Considering this and the discussion between Rodgers and Dawson it is clear that both agree on one thing; safety has to be considered in a construction site but the degree of attention paid to it differs between the two.
While Rodgers attests to the importance of supervisors’ role in overseeing safety measures are being followed, abandoning the importance of written documents is a grave mistake in this scenario. According to Holt (2001) there is power in written rules than in the word of mouth. Written plans act as guides in the first place and not only offer guidance to workers but to supervisors and other superiors as well. Plans also act as references to everyone on the construction site and the management. It is possible to consult the documents in case of a fault or one forgetting a principle. They also offer training assistance for workers and supervisors in regards to the particular site as constructions vary in their requirements and complexities (Holt, 2001). These two call for variation in the safety parameters put in place in a construction site.
Undermining safety plans in a construction site is an unfortunate mistake for a person of Rodgers’ stature and position. Safety plans offer guidance and act as pillars of reference for all construction site stakeholders. Relying on an individual supervisor to act as a plan and ensure its implementation at the same time is unrealistic and an act of negligence.
Holt, A. St. John (2001). Principles of construction safety. Wiley-Blackwell.