Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Bell Contracting Scenario The issue at hand in this matter is a significant accident occurring and the immediate demand of the boss to determine who is responsible and to have the perpetrator fired. The moral dilemma is whether to execute this command, or to give the boss some time to cool down before making any decisions.
Two major questions are involved in these scenarios which are what the emotional nature of the boss is and does the severity of the accident justify a firing?
Obviously, if it was the case that the perpetrator of the accident is widely suspected to be an employee with numerous safety violations then perhaps the firing is justified. Moreover, if all employees had been given firm warning that behaving in a manor that would likely bring this accident about than perhaps the firing is justified. However if it is the case that this is a true ‘accident’ insofar as no responsible individual could be at blame for the unintentional consequences than one could postulate that the firing would be unjustified.
When one takes into consideration the normal behavior of the boss and it is the case that s/he does not normally behave in this manor then one could assume that s/he is acting erratically and an immediate firing would not be justified. Moreover if the boss typically does ‘fly off the handle’ with relative frequency one could also postulate that this is normal behavior.
Ultimately one could argue that the easiest solution is to begin the search for the individual who is responsible for the accident at Bell Contracting Company that would provide at least some time for cooler heads to prevail whilst still executing the duties that your boss requires.