Construction Safety – Assignment Example

Construction Safety The issue with scenario is the perceived notion that Improvement Project Teams are a waste of time and resources from the perspective of a company supervisor. The challenge that ensues is to convince the supervisor that not only are Improvement Project Teams useful but the organization should also institute a Time Quality Management system as well.
Obviously one needs to start with the premise that the supervisor has the notion that IPT’s are not useful. Firstly as an acting safety director I should highlight that the importance of not only direct supervision of employee work processes but the importance of implementing quality safety measures so that employees are protected in times when they are not under direct supervision. From this perspective you could argue that through effective education not only will the workplace environment be safer but the organization could recognize significant cost reduction through decreased insurance premiums, reduced downtime owing to injury and higher productivity through improved morale. Logically the supervisor would respond positively to any measure that would bring about improved efficiency and cost savings.
Secondly the implementation of a time management system is also valuable insofar as it encourages employees to implement processes that ensure that their time is effectively allocated to ensure that morale remains high amongst employees but also increased productivity through better resource allocation.
From these perspectives the decisions to implement these systems is wise however whether or not the supervisor decides to implement them remains to be seen. Only time will tell.